Значение слова MORRIS в Литературной энциклопедии


1) SIR LEWIS (1833-1907).-Poet, _b._ at Penrhyn, Carnarvonshire, and _ed._ at Sherborne and Oxf., was called to the Bar, and practised as a conveyancer until 1880, after which he devoted himself to the promotion of higher education in Wales, and became honorary sec. and treasurer of the New Welsh Univ. In 1871 he _pub._ _Songs of Two Worlds_, which showed the influence of Tennyson, and was well received, though rather by the wider public than by more critical circles. It was followed in 1876-77 by _The Epic of Hades_, which had extraordinary popularity, and which, though exhibiting undeniable talent both in versification and narrative power, lacked the qualities of the higher kinds of poetry. It deals in a modern spirit with the Greek myths and legends. Other works are _A Vision of Saints_, _Gwen_, _The Ode of Life_, and _Gycia_, a tragedy. 2) MORRIS, WILLIAM (1834-1896).-Poet, artist, and socialist, _b._ at Walthamstow, and _ed._ at Marlborough School and Oxf. After being articled as an architect he was for some years a painter, and then joined in founding the manufacturing and decorating firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co., in which Rossetti, Burne-Jones, and other artists were partners. By this and other means he did much to influence the public taste in furnishing and decoration. He was one of the originators of the _Oxford and Cambridge Magazine_, to which he contributed poems, tales, and essays, and in 1858 he _pub._ _Defence of Guenevere and other Poems_. _The Life and Death of Jason_ followed in 1867, _The Earthly Paradise_ in 1868-70, and _Love is Enough_ in 1875. In the last mentioned year he made a translation in verse of Virgil's _AEneid_. Travels in Iceland led to the writing of _Three Northern Love Stories_, and the epic of _Sigurd the Volsung_ (1876). His translation of the _Odyssey_ in verse appeared 1887. A series of prose romances began with _The House of the Wolfings_ (1889), and included _The Roots of the Mountains_, _Story of the Glittering Plain_, _The Wood beyond the World_, _The Well at the World's End_ (1896), and posthumously _The Water of the Wondrous Isles_, and _Story of the Sundering Flood_. In addition to poems and tales M. produced various illuminated manuscripts, including two of Fitzgerald's _Omar Khayyam_, and many controversial writings, among which are tales and tracts in advocacy of Socialism. To this class belong the _Dream of John Ball_ (1888), and _News from Nowhere_ (1891). In 1890 M. started the Kelmscott Press, for which he designed type and decorations. For his subjects as a writer he drew upon classic and Gothic models alike. He may perhaps be regarded as the chief of the modern romantic school, inspired by the love of beauty for its own sake; his poetry is rich and musical, and he has a power of description which makes his pictures live and glow, but his narratives sometimes suffer from length and slowness of movement. _Life_ by J.W. Mackail (2 vols., 1899), _The Books of W. Morris_, Forman, etc.

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