Значение слова REYNOLDS в Литературной энциклопедии


SIR JOSHUA (1723-1792).-Painter and writer on art, _s._ of a clergyman and schoolmaster at Plympton, Devonshire. After studying art in Italy, he settled in London, where he attained extraordinary fame as a portrait-painter. He is regarded as the greatest English representative of that art, and was first Pres. of the Royal Academy. He was the intimate friend of Johnson, Burke, Goldsmith, and indeed of most of the celebrated men of his time. He has also a place in literature for his _Fifteen Discourses_ on painting, delivered to the Academy. He also contributed to the _Idler_, and translated Du Fresney's _Art of Painting_. He suffered from deafness, and in his latter years from failure of sight. He was a man of great worth and amiability. He was knighted in 1769.

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