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Что такое DEKKER

THOMAS (1570?-1641?).-Dramatist and miscellaneous writer, was _b._ in London. Few details of D.'s life have come down to us, though he was a well-known writer in his day, and is believed to have written or contributed to over 20 dramas. He collaborated at various times with several of his fellow-dramatists, including Ben Jonson. Ultimately Jonson quarrelled with Marston and D., satirising them in _The Poetaster_ (1601), to which D. replied in _Satiromastix_ (1602). D.'s best play is _Old Fortunatus_ (1606), others are _The Shoemaker's Holiday_ (1600), _Honest Whore_ (1604), _Roaring Girl_ (1611), _The Virgin Martyr_ (1622) (with Massinger), and _The Witch of Edmonton_ (1658) (with Ford and Rowley), _History of Sir Thomas Wyat_, _Westward Ho_, and _Northward Ho_, all with Webster. His prose writings include _The Gull's Hornbook_ (1609), _The Seven Deadly Sins of London_, and _The Belman of London_ (1608), satirical works which give interesting glimpses of the life of his time. His life appears to have been a somewhat chequered one, alternating between revelry and want. He is one of the most poetical of the older dramatists. Lamb said he "had poetry enough for anything."

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