Значение слова COMBE в Литературной энциклопедии


1) GEORGE (1788-1858).-Writer on phrenology and education, _b._ in Edin., where for some time he practised as a lawyer. Latterly, however, he devoted himself to the promotion of phrenology, and of his views on education, for which he in 1848 founded a school. His chief work was _The Constitution of Man_ (1828). 2) COMBE, WILLIAM (1741-1823).-Miscellaneous writer. His early life was that of an adventurer, his later was passed chiefly within the "rules" of the King's Bench prison. He is chiefly remembered as the author of _The Three Tours of Dr. Syntax_, a comic poem (?). His cleverest piece of work was a series of imaginary letters, supposed to have been written by the second, or "wicked" Lord Lyttelton. Of a similar kind were his letters between Swift and Stella. He also wrote the letterpress for various illustrated books, and was a general hack.

Литературная энциклопедия.