Значение слова TALFOURD в Литературной энциклопедии

Что такое TALFOURD

SIR THOMAS NOON (1795-1854).-Poet and biographer, _s._ of a brewer at Reading, where he was _b._, and which he represented in Parliament, 1835-41, was _ed._ at Mill Hill School. He studied law, was called to the Bar in 1821, and became a Judge in 1849. He _d._ suddenly of apoplexy while charging the Grand Jury at Stafford. He wrote much for reviews, and in 1835 produced _Ion_, a tragedy, followed by _The Athenian Captive_ (1838), and _The Massacre of Glencoe_, all of which were acted with success. T. was the friend and literary executor of Charles Lamb (_q.v._), and _pub._ in two sections his _Memoirs and Letters_. In 1837 he introduced the Copyright Bill, which was passed with modifications in 1842.

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