Значение слова HOGG в Литературной энциклопедии

Что такое HOGG

1) JAMES (THE ETTRICK SHEPHERD) (1770-1835).-Poet, and writer of tales, belonged to a race of shepherds, and began life by herding cows until he was old enough to be trusted with a flock of sheep. His imagination was fed by his mother, who was possessed of an inexhaustible stock of ballads and folk-lore. He had little schooling, and had great difficulty in writing out his earlier poems, but was earnest in giving himself such culture as he could. Entering the service of Mr. Laidlaw, the friend of Scott, he was by him introduced to the poet, and assisted him in collecting material for his _Border Minstrelsy_. In 1796 he had begun to write his songs, and when on a visit to Edin. in 1801 he _coll._ his poems under the title of _Scottish Pastorals, etc._, and in 1807 there followed _The Mountain Bard_. A treatise on the diseases of sheep brought him L300, on the strength of which he embarked upon a sheep-farming enterprise in Dumfriesshire which, like a previous smaller venture in Harris, proved a failure, and he returned to Ettrick bankrupt. Thenceforward he relied almost entirely on literature for support. With this view he, in 1810, settled in Edin., _pub._ _The Forest Minstrel_, and started the _Spy_, a critical journal, which ran for a year. In 1813 _The Queen's Wake_ showed his full powers, and finally settled his right to an assured place among the poets of his country. He joined the staff of _Blackwood_, and became the friend of Wilson, Wordsworth, and Byron. Other poems followed, _The Pilgrims of the Sun_ (1815), _Madoc of the Moor_, _The Poetic Mirror_, and _Queen Hynde_ (1826); and in prose _Winter Evening Tales_ (1820), _The Three Perils of Man_ (1822), and _The Three Perils of Woman_. In his later years his home was a cottage at Altrive on 70 acres of moorland presented to him by the Duchess of Buccleuch, where he _d._ greatly lamented. As might be expected from his almost total want of regular education, H. was often greatly wanting in taste, but he had real imagination and poetic faculty. Some of his lyrics like _The Skylark_ are perfect in their spontaneity and sweetness, and his _Kilmeny_ is one of the most exquisite fairy tales in the language. Hogg was vain and greedy of praise, but honest and, beyond his means, generous. He is a leading character, partly idealised, partly caricatured, in Wilson's _Noctes Ambrosianae_. 2) HOGG, THOMAS JEFFERSON (1792-1862).-Biographer, _s._ of John H., a country gentleman of Durham, _ed._ at Durham Grammar School, and Univ. Coll., Oxf., where he made the acquaintance of Shelley, whose lifelong friend and biographer he became. Associated with S. in the famous pamphlet on _The Necessity of Atheism_, he shared in the expulsion from the Univ. which it entailed, and thereafter devoted himself to the law, being called to the Bar in 1817. In 1832 he contributed to Bulwer's _New Monthly Magazine_ his _Reminiscences of Shelley_, which was much admired. Thereafter he was commissioned to write a biography of the poet, of which he completed 2 vols., but in so singular a fashion that the material with which he had been entrusted was withdrawn. The work, which is probably unique in the annals of biography, while giving a vivid and credible picture of S. externally, shows no true appreciation of him as a poet, and reflects with at least equal prominence the humorously eccentric personality of the author, which renders it entertaining in no common degree. Other works of H. were _Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff_, and a book of travels, _Two Hundred and Nine Days_ (1827). He _m._ the widow of Williams, Shelley's friend, who was drowned along with him.

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